Blogging Military Movember

6 days of glorious “mo”

There is nothing pretty about this anorexic caterpillar parked on my face.  I even got the “You going for the Chester the Molester look or something?” and “Did you lose a bet?” questions today at drill weekend, which surprised me, since the prevalence of mustaches among enlisted military folk is much higher than what I see in my “normal” professional life during the rest of the month.  All I need is a cargo van.

The good news is that I have more leeway to let this growth expand in more creative ways now that I’m free of the regulations governing facial hair for servicemen until the first weekend of December.  My upper lip shall become a canvas.  I’m just not sure what art will be reflected there.

This Tuesday will be my first interaction with a client while looking like this.  I have a mediation.  I figure I’d better apologize for it before any uncomfortable questions are mentally configured and allowed to wander.

Until then, please continue to give donations here.  Our team has already amassed over $5,000.  Pretty incredible for day 6, I’d say.  If for no other reason, do it in honor of Veterans Day this week.




Because everything’s prettier in black and white.  Except this.

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  1. There was this 8th grader at Gilda’s school last year who had long hair and the most glorious, cheesy, fuzzy mustache that he was clearly proud of – it made me smile every time I saw him.
    That’s what your fuzzy lip reminds me of. Hahaha 🙂

  2. Unfortunately — OK, I admit it: fortunately — I have a family portrait scheduled this month, and the mustache thing wasn’t going to fly. Yes, yes, it would have been a great conversation piece in future years (“Dude, why does your dad look like a porn-star wannabe in that picture?”), but I chose to wimp out. Sue me. Oh, wait: You sue people for a living. Please don’t sue me.

    Also: I didn’t know you were a major. I shall now call you Major Muskrat.

    • @Daddy Scratches, Yes, the alliteration that title provides makes the label a “must use” for you from this point forward.

      And a family portrait with a ‘stache? Would’ve been epic (as the young folks say).

  3. Nice tie-in to Veterans Day. I like that. The gal who does my nails has a little sign (one of many) that says, “Guns don’t kill people. Men with mustaches kill people.” All you nice guys sporting mustaches this month need to think of a catchy slogan to change the stereotypes.

  4. You scare those terrorists away wit yo bad ‘stache!

  5. Yep, this stache thing isn’t going to go over well at the playground.

  6. Know what’s weird? Your stache makes you look younger. I hope mine does the same for me. So far, I just look kind of like my 8th grade shop teacher, and that’s not great.

  7. Jesus, I feel dirty just looking at you.

  8. Nice work. Is it too late to throw in? I have been growing since a couple of days before Halloween for costume purposes and it is now getting impressive. I could be a late game addition.

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