like 10 elephants. or one of jesus’ friends.

Before bed time, I asked the 5, 3, and 1 year old children for their thoughts regarding the growth process of any facial hair they’ve observed the past 10 days.  Their responses were beyond insightful:

As far as Operation Eleanor goes, I’m not sure I’ve engaged in activities requiring overcoming fear every day this month, but here are a few actions I’ve taken that required pushing beyond comfort zones:

1.) admitted to Phil, who works full-time with AA, that I may have an issue with stopping when I start
2.) went on a “blind date” dinner with some dude Phil recommended I meet who made the same realization 1 year ago
3.) bought a plane ticket to Nicaragua to volunteer at an orphanage for 4 days next month
4.) started a kickboxing class tonight
5.) attended a parent-teacher conference (with a mustache)
6.) tracked down a man who mentored me 13 years ago and met with him (with a mustache)
7.) attended a mediation (with a mustache)
8.) attended an Alabama business school alumni event (with a mustache)
9.) failed to request assistance from my mother for Pretty Bride’s trip out of town next week for the first time ever
10.) told a client he was being an idiot for trying to take a case to court to prove a point instead of accepting a good settlement offer (with a mustache)

And finally, tomorrow is Veterans Day.  I haven’t conjured up any new war stories this year, but I’ll link to a couple from previous years that were well received.

And speaking of well received, some more donations would be well received!  Here’s your link.

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  1. Hahaha – I love the video. 10 elephants! Duh. 😀

  2. Oh, man. That video was cute. I think your mustache is like the ten elephants in that “Last Supper” painting.

  3. Kickboxing, Nicaraguan orphanages, law practice, the military. Life seems to be bigger than ten elephants for the Muskrat, right now.

    Not wishing to give unsolicited advice (or as Phil would call it, crosstalk), but you might want to slow down a little in order to tackle #1.


    P.S. So, did you ask Owen “Why not eleven elephants?” That would be lawyerly.

    • @the HH, It’s an exciting November. Especially if we are able to get the house we’ve been arguing over for 6 weeks! And I appreciate your advice, now that I know it comes from a place of love!

  4. Dude, turn your phone on its side if you’re going to take videos to post online.

    And if you decide to become a total teetotaler, you’ll have my support, but please tell me that this will mean we can witness more of PB getting drunk instead. Because she’s hilarious.

    • @avitable, Thanks for the tip…I usually don’t plan such videos; I just pull out the phone if they’re talking about something worth capturing.
      I’ll see about the other request in NYC next summer.

      • Pretty Bride

        Just FYI, Adam, he really doesn’t like it when I drink. He makes this tense face, in anticipation of me saying something he thinks will embarrass him, which I don’t think I really do, but I hate to see him all anxious because he thinks I MIGHT. And so: I don’t drink all that often. Plus, a lot of it tastes yukky.

        • He can just go to bed early and the rest of us can have fun, then. I’m with you on it tasting nasty, though – that’s why I drink girly drinks.

          Besides – that anxiety is on him, not you. Calm down, Muskrat!

  5. I know this screws with the time-space continuum, but I believe your daughter is saying your mustache inspired the bible verse: “Jesus wept.”

  6. Hahaha. That video was probably the most awesome thing I have watched all week. Like 10 Ewaphants….Priceless.

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