they grow up so fast!

Instead of in a bassinet in our closet, baby Lola now sleeps in a Pack N Play!

In our closet.

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  1. She’s a closet baby!

  2. Dude. That is a BIG closet. Also, this is a wonderful way to teach a child about the importance of a well put together wardrobe. Bravo to your stellar parenting and foresight!!

  3. She’s got her own room, now!

  4. Anything is better than in the bed with y’all. Trust.

  5. Progress! I was five before I was allowed to move out of the trunk of our car into the wood shed.

  6. Aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye….

    I’m the baby in the box…

    Buried in these clothes…

    Won’t… you…. come…. and…

    Save me.

  7. Move a little refrigerator in there and a toilet and that looks about the same as my law school apartment.

  8. Wait..aren’t you still in the closet, too…or did you come out already?

  9. That takes up a lot of space. Don’t you have any empty drawers?

  10. It’s cool. Babies are calmed by the presence of many shoes. I read an article.

  11. I’ve got nothing clever to say. That totally sucks. Sorry bro. Hopefully I will next time…

    • @JR Reed, It’s just frustrating not to be able to sell a house after a year of selling. But hey, we still have our health! We’ll move eventually, somehow.

  12. any luck with the house?

    guess not.


  13. Babies in closets. You may start a trend. 🙂

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