wordless wednesdays are for pussies


For some of my favorite Halloween costumes from years past, check out this post from 2008 which seems to get a lot of search engine traffic in October for “Bret Michaels costumes” and “offensive costumes.”

Happy Halloween!

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  1. At least ol’ Jack made the potty – mostly.

    A “Jack Off” might’ve been more offensive. Try that for next year. 🙂

    Also, my kid is going as an Indian this Halloween! (The previous costumes kicked ass!)

    • @sybil law, That’s a great idea for next year! I used to love Halloween before I had a family. Now, I like taking them around, but the debauchery is lost.

  2. Wait… you changed your header! Nice.

  3. Your jack-o-lantern definitely has better aim than my 3yo. Very nice. We should see more inspiration like that on our travels. Love it. 🙂

  4. So, your kid walks up to the potty, opens the lid, and thinks “Did I really eat all that?.


    P.S. Love your new header. But as a car snob, I find it just a little bit sad.

    • @headbang8, Ha! That would be worth recording, I think.
      Re: the car, yes, it is a bit sad. But, I leave the minivan driving to the Mrs while I enjoy my zippy little Acura.

  5. The new header looks good. However, there’s a distinct lack of splatter around the rim which makes the image less believable.

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  7. the minivan as general lee.


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