the importance of staying small

Maddie:  Why do you want me to stay a little girl, Daddy?
Me:  What?  What makes you think that?
Maddie:  Mommy told me.
Me:  Oh.  Well then it must be true, right?
Maddie:  Mmm hmm.  But I can’t stay a little girl, because I’m already a BIG GIRL!
Me:  Well, you are bigger now than you used to be, that’s true.
Maddie:  And one day I’ll be big as you, right Daddy?
Me:  I hope not.
Maddie:  Because you want me to stay small?
Me:  Well, yes.  Daddy likes his little girl as she is right now.  So I can pick you up in the air.  And fit you and your brother in the jog stroller for walks to the zoo.  And help you with bath time.  And carry you in my arms.
Maddie:  But Daddy, even if I get big like you, I’ll still love you.  You’re my Daddy!
Me:  That’s true.  But eventually, we won’t spend every weekend together like we do now.  You’ll have your own house.
Maddie:  You mean when I’m a mommy?
Me:  Yes.  Wait.  No, I just meant when you’re grown up and live in the nearest convent to Daddy!
Maddie:  Hooray!  I’ll always be near Daddy!
Me:  That’s right.
Maddie:  What’s a convent?

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  1. You know if she ends up in a convent you’re going to have more craft projects than any fridge can handle. That’s what you do when you’re not having sex.
    .-= Miss Britt´s last blog ..The littlest hard parts =-.

  2. This is awesome. And could have happened in my house. After Toy Story 3, the eldest told us that she would come visit us “each Friday” when she’s a grown-up, because she knows that we’ll miss her.
    But yes–if you can figure out a pause button for childhood, I’ll be ALL OVER IT.
    .-= Sara Plays House´s last blog ..To My Daddy =-.

  3. As one who knows more about nuns than any man should, that’s no place for the little femrat.

    You better sign her up for softball now. The lesser of two evils.

  4. See? Sensitive and incomprehensible. 😉

    Cute post, nonetheless. Happy Father’s Day.
    .-= SciFi Dad´s last blog ..Father’s Day: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly =-.

  5. You should repost this when she’s in her teen years getting drunk with her boyfriend and complaining about how clingy and uncool you are.
    .-= Grant´s last blog ..In case you think I love all things Japanese =-.

  6. Nice. I’m banking on the convent thing too. Let’s touch base in a couple years and loop Britt in on it, too. Maybe we can get a group discount with Emma, Maddie and Boo.

  7. This, I must say, is the perfect Father’s Day post. Sweet, cute and with a touch of funny, only as you can do. The only thing missing is the crude…I guess, I’ll have to wait for Mother’s Day for that, huh? 😉
    .-= unfinishedperson´s last blog ..I deserve a break today — from my full-time job as a tournament poker player =-.

  8. Aww, precious! My little sister is about to start college and my stepdad is freaking out.
    .-= Amber Lee´s last blog ..Plan A is Squashed =-.

  9. That’s very sweet! She would probably like to marry you, too! My 5 year old said when he got big enough ‘I’ would give him a gold ring so we could be married..sometimes his love is inappropriate.
    .-= jade´s last blog ..Blueberries and Insult =-.

  10. I remember when my boys stopped fitting in the running stroller. So sad. I still haven’t gotten rid of it because I can’t bring myself to do it.

    My two boys always tell me they’re going to kick my ass someday when I’m old and they’re bigger than me. It would be nice to have a girl who just wants a hug 🙂
    .-= Keith Wilcox´s last blog ..Teaching History With Movies: Maybe not Such a Hot Idea =-.

  11. Convent?

    If you think that locking someone up in a Catholic institution keeps them from having sex, then you ain’t been reading the papers, ‘Scrat.
    .-= headbang8´s last blog ..The Other World Cup =-.

  12. When you enroll her, can you pick me up a brochure? Thanks.
    .-= BusyDad´s last blog ..A Fathers Job =-.

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