broken elvis=broken world

This statue is on Broadway in downtown Nashville, where I was today.  He used to have a guitar; now he just has broken fingers and an opened right fist that resembles planned masturbation.  What I want to know is this:  who is the sorry sack o’ shit who ripped off Elvis’s guitar?  What would one even do with such an artifact?

I tell you, gentle readers, the world has become an awful, awful place when a dead man can’t even peacefully strum his guitar on a Music City sidewalk without being accosted and robbed.

I remedy depression by reading humorous blogs.  So should you.

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  1. C’mon, you know 10 years ago (after a night of drinking) you would have taken it too. You prob would have taken the entire Elvis figure. I know I prob would have. You gotta admit, that would be a great prize.

    If it wasn’t a drunk kid stealing the guitar, the only other logical explanation is that the ghost of Jimi Hendrix swiped it.

  2. AcornKing, Okay, you’re probably right. I did once steal a concrete deer out of someone’s front yard in rural Alabama. I was lost. It seemed like a good idea until I had to carry it up to my dorm room.

  3. Pretty Bride

    It might’ve been a mic stand. Maybe the Willie Nelson statue has the guitar…

  4. atrocious.. positively atrocious…

  5. BHJ, I can’t believe you’ve insulted The King. Bad things are coming your way. Bad things.

    ChurchPunkMom, Please convince BHJesus he has erred. Big time.

  6. boy needs a good ol’ fashioned ‘let’s take this outside’…

  7. Sorry, but the souvenirs from Nashville were too expensive and Elvis’ guitar was free!

  8. avatgardener

    morose muskrat misses main man mannequin’s microphone.

    (late, and lame. sorry. better than just voting present.)

  9. I agree that that sorry sack of shit should have a ‘come to Jesus’ talk and receive a good, sound drubbing. If I had a rubber hose…

  10. His face,not the guitar,..or the fingers., well, maybe the fingers?

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