the negotiator

During our aforementioned Memorial Day weekend trip, Pretty Bride and I shared a room with Baby.  Baby forgot that we’d moved into the Central time zone and awoke promptly at 0530 each morning, much to our alarm and fatigue.  Our first morning in the same room, she opened her eyes at […]


the threat

Tonight at dinner, the baby decided she was full and that, instead of continuing to put food onto her fork and into her mouth, she would instead put it onto her fork and then onto the table. And then she’d smear it all over the glass that was cleaned for […]

Baby, Neighborhood

baby’s observation

A baby muskrat is called a kit. This morning as I got the baby out of bed and began changing her diaper, we heard what I hope was a single firework going off somewhere down the street. She said, “Uh oh, shots!” While she regularly introduces her sentences with “uh […]



Our nearly-two-year-old has been learning to talk the last few months and has figured out how to put together some basic sentences. when she wanted my attention today, she started saying, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” and I replied, “Look, baby is making her ‘O’ face!” and the Mrs. replied, “Muskrat! inappropriate!”

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