new beginnings

This is our 6-year-old girl the morning of her first day of elementary school.  She started the 1st grade at a local public school last Monday.

And this is her little sister, giving the world a shit-eating grin that says, “I don’t start back to preschool ’til after Labor Day, bitches!”

And this is her little sister saying, “Did you hear that?  I don’t go back to school until AFTER LABOR DAY!  And Mommy will push my ass a mile each way as we walk my 6-year-old sister to school every day!  Then she’ll drive my brother to his preschool whilst I sit in the car and sing or eat crackers all morning while remaining in my footie pajamas for HOURS because I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!”

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  1. Is she the honey badger? She is, isn’t she?

  2. This made me laugh out loud. For real.

  3. I’m with Chad… I nearly snotted myself – “bitches!”

  4. She will totally excel at working from home. Footie pajamas are essential.

  5. That’s right. Honey badger don’t care.

  6. Pretty Bride

    She does work hard, though, even if school hasn’t started yet. For example, she’s in training for her new school schedule, so she’s been taking an earlier nap to get more rest. So that’s challenging for her. More sleep, all the toys to herself, footie pajamas.

    She’s living the dream, who am I kidding?

  7. I love her! Good ole spirited babies are the best kind.

  8. Oh my god, the pearls! That’s one of the sweetest first day of school pictures I’ve seen. (And the gleeful baby is adorable.)

  9. what a fun read that was, my friend.

  10. The pearls. I died from the cuteness.

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