For the first time in 7 years, I’m in my house completely alone for several days.  I wouldn’t say the silence is deafening, since
a.) that’s a stupid cliche I’ve never understood anyway,
b.)  I can still hear our refrigerator hum, so
c.) clearly, my hearing is still fine!
But it definitely feels as if I’ve driven home drunk and entered the wrong residence when I’m inside of my house.

I had to get away for 3 hours and watched the new “Batman” today.  I’ll probably spend way more time than I typically do in the office during the rest of this week and then punctuate each day with appearances at some of the wonderful bars and restaurants I’ve neglected the past few months, so I don’t have to see and hear this:

Deafening, isn’t it?

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  1. Aw, you old softy.

  2. Pretty Bride

    They miss you, too!! So weird to see the house with no babies in it. Also: that’s probably the closest thing you’ve ever done to a house tour–you go, lonely Daddy!


  3. Terrifying. Like an even lower budget Blair Witch Project.

  4. I would walk around naked, listen to loud music, sing even louder, eat on the couch and talk to myself. Oh wait…

    • I’m totally going to do the loud music thing tonight–it’s one of the few aspects of my pre-marriage/kids life that I miss, actually! As for public nudity…not as much.

  5. Awwwww.

    But seriously – can we get an ACTUAL tour of the house? I’m particularly interested in the chairs around your kitchen table that I think I caught a glimpse of.

    • Sure, as soon as you come visit Atlanta! The table is vintage, and Deb painted it bright “whipstitch” yellow. The clear chairs were from Ikea, I think–you know, that store you hate.

  6. Welcome to my work at home world. Except during summer. And school vacations. And when the dog is sick.

    Just forget what I was saying.

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