be gone, flowering bushes!

What is that?  A duck blind?

Apparently, just before you die, your bushes start eating your windows.

Aha!  It’s a residence!

Tame that bush, little shaver!  1-800-TAME-HER.

There’s much left to do to the outside, such as painting, re-landscaping, replanting the grass, fixing cracks in the driveway, and replacing whatever chunk of pipe was shooting water through the front yard and down to the street all last night.  But at least the bushes are gone and the leaking roof replaced.

Inside, there’s ripped out carpet, ripped out linoleum, ripped out walls, new paint colors, new appliances, new kitchen counters, new windows (not yet installed), new flooring, a new furnace, and a bunch of new furniture to go with the six new people living there (with the prolifically shitting rats in the basement).  There’s much left to do with unpainted trim, an unfinished basement, and a horrendously homely master bathroom.  But at least the termites are gone.

And at least the excessive bush is tamed.

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  1. Wow! You are a crazy renovating man! Love the house without those… I guess you could call them bushes. Friends don’t let friends have unnaturally-shaped shrubbery. Can’t wait to see more of the results.

  2. Nothing like an untamed bush to ruin your day! Nice thatch job!

    • @dave2, I figure when we get that snow storm I expect to see this January in Atlanta, it’ll be great for hiding behind and pelting passing cars with snowballs.

  3. Love it and the photos! A lot of stuff – but it’s nice to get a large chunk out of the way right off, right?
    Cat for the rats. You need a mouser!
    That really is a clean de-bushing.

  4. This is very true. When we moved into our home, we had all the bushes removed, too … because we wanted to make sure there actually was a house behind them.

    Nice crib, homey.

  5. The house looks beautiful with no bushes! So glad the termites are gone. Sounds like you guys are dividing and conquering. Keep at it. LOVE the property!

  6. I applaud you for standing up to excessive bush.

  7. Maryjo Spraker

    I think thats Rosie Jones. She probably one of my favorite zoo girls.

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