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olive garden > chili’s

As Friday was coming to a close, my bride sent me a list of restaurants from a RedPlum email giving away free meals or portions of meals for Veterans Day.  I’ve actually never taken advantage of such deals on Vets Day, but given that it was Friday, and the children […]


thank you, muhammad

Among the pages of captioned color photographs from my 2003 deployment is one that sticks out.  There’s a woman in uniform, not unlike every other picture I have of persons in Iraq.  But then there’s this guy.  He has no BDU t-shirt or DCU pants; he’s in a white cotton […]


on veterans day

I was sitting here wondering which story to tell tonight when a flashing light on my blackberry signaled a message from my friend Jon, the managing editor at an Atlanta newspaper, wishing me a happy Veterans Day.  I met Jon five years ago at a luncheon; he heard me refer […]

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