how to convey your hesitance to serve on a jury


This is an actual request to be dropped from a jury pool.  It’s even been notarized.  What I want to know is….how many wrinkles does this guy’s dog’s balls have?  And, did it work?  Was he released from jury duty or not?

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  1. He could have done what my soon-to-ex did–ignore the notice completely. Yep. Nothing happened. Nada.

    prefers her fantasy life’s last blog post..Blame It On Your Mother, I Do

  2. avatgardener

    Everyman Erik explicitly explains excuse. Exercises exacting English. Everyone’s ecstatic. Except Eleanor, Elaine, Ethel.

  3. If they want people to go on jury duty, or dury juty, they should pay them their same earnings, no? Or have insurance for it, or something?

    SSG’s last blog post..And that’s why I don’t like cricket…

  4. I wish I had this guy’s nerve. I get called to jury duty regularly. I was actually picked once. A fellow juror told me she knew I’d get picked because “I sounded way too smart.” Hmmmm. I’d really love to know if this guy got away with not serving and they did leave him the **** alone. Well, it’s one way of saying I don’t want to serve.

    SurprisedMom’s last blog post..Happy Mother’s Day

  5. What I loved was that he’ll write “goddamn” in full, but resorts to “F _ _ K” later on.

    SciFi Dad’s last blog post..Crafting With SciFi Dad II (and Mother’s Day)

  6. Ball wrinkle counting is very important.

    Avitable’s last blog post..Avitable’s guide to when it’s okay to abuse your wife

  7. Are you sure you didn’t write this yourself?

    WeaselMomma’s last blog post..The Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exagerated

  8. I love jury duty except that I keep getting excused. I take it personally. Why won’t anyone let me be on a jury?

    Brenda-SeriouslyMama’s last blog post..Sending out an S.O.S…

  9. That’s funny. I wonder the same things you do. Did it work? I think he’s great!

    Chris’s last blog post..Mother said, "No."

  10. Why didn’t he just do what everyone else does and walk in screaming “GIVE HIM THE CHAIR!!”?

    Miss Britt’s last blog post..On Parenting and Dance Parties in Living Rooms

  11. I really hope he got picked.

    A Free Man’s last blog post..Warm buttered is good. Oh, let’s just digest.

  12. Love it. Must be from KY. I also like that it is posted from a mac! Gives it that “touch of class” which otherwise would be missing.

  13. PrefersFantasyLive, Really? I’ll have to remember that option if need be.

    AvatGardener, LOL! Hilarious….poor E’s.

    SSG, I think most companies allow it to be like paid vacation, but I’m not sure. That doesn’t help, of course, if you’re self-employed.

    SurprisedMom, I’ve never been called. Once, I was supposed to be, but I’d just moved to another county, so they had to release me. I thought it’d be fun, since I was a law student at the time.

    SciFiDad, Good eye! I wondered that myself.

    Avitable, It is. An under-appreciated art, that ball wrinkle counting.

    WeaselMama, I don’t think I could come up with ball wrinkle counting.

    Stephanie, Haha to you, too.

    Brenda, Because they read your confessionals on my blog.

    Chris, We may never know. It’s from Montana, so I’ll have to make some phone calls and find out later.

    MissBritt, That’s always a great suggestion, unless it’s a civil trial, of course. Wait, that’s even better.

    Blues Oh my indeed.

    FreeMan, I do, too. And, I hope he has a blog.

    Harlin, I aim to please you. He’s actually from Montana.

  14. I just go with the “I listen to conservative talk radio” excuse.

    Chris C’s last blog post..Arnold Schwarzenegger California Landmark Fire Sale

  15. I’m with Avitable on this one. Don’t mess with ball wrinkle counting. It’s hard work! (ha! I just said ‘hard’)

    seriously though, that there is some funny shit. almost fell out of my chair.

    churchpunkmom’s last blog post..Poetry Thursday

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