somebody puts baby in the corner


I forgot I had this picture lying around.  It’s over a year old, but I thought of it after reading Metro Dad’s plan for creating charitable onesies and shirts.

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  1. That is your face all over that kid. You couldn’t deny her if you wanted to. 🙂

  2. Awwww…And if they do put you in a corner,come to aunty Kips for a cuddle.

  3. bring this out when she’s 21, she’ll love you for it

    SSG’s last blog post..Wake up, it’s Tuesday!

  4. All she needs is a marker for some graffiti.

    prefers her fantasy life’s last blog post..Thank You Mr. Liberal Unitarian English Teacher of My Tenth Grader

  5. Ah yes, “time out” before it was couture…

  6. It looks like she’s ready to whip a rock at whoever did it too!

    Great pic.

    Jeff’s last blog post..I’m Famous!

  7. Countessa, I’ve tried for years to deny her, but, you’re right. It don’t work.

    Kipstreg, I’m not sure if she’ll go to “Aunt Kip’s” until I run a background search.

    SSG, Gladly!

    PrefersFantasyLife, I agree, but my dadgummed neighbors would just paint right over it the next day like the do the gang signs.

    Harlin, Something like that.

    Jeff, I’m not sure what’s up with the rock. She outgrew that phase, thankfully.

    Diesel, Thanks!

  8. Fucking awesome! Now that I fully realize that we share the same sick sense of humor, I hate to say it but the only thing that could make this picture better is if you taught your daughter “the finger.” How great would that be?

    Of course, I empathize with the fact that there is some sort of moral dilemma involved here. You don’t want to be the bad parent who taught his adorable daughter the dirty bird and watched her flick it all over town. That would be a tough one to live down.

    But man, think of the fucking comedy!

    It’s almost worth it, isn’t it? I think it’s internet gold, brother.

  9. WHERE or where did you purchase that?? Or is it photoshopped?

    Nothing beats a good ’80s movie reference on a onesie.

  10. A beautiful child. May she stay forever young. Count Sneaky

  11. You won’t put a helmet on your kid but you dress her up in this? That is precisely what I love about this blog.

    Jen’s last blog post..Humor Bloggers Rock

  12. Even better than this would be a onesie/teeshirt with that printed on BACK and then a child wearing it during traditional nose-in-corner stance.

    I’d buy one of those for every baby I ever know henceforward.

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