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it’s called gratitude

This is the dry erase board on which I encouraged the 39 members of my flight last year to write some things for which they could be thankful, even while stuck spending a holiday in Iraq.  See?  Things weren’t so bad.

And here’s the Beastie Boys telling us to be grateful: 

I’ve never been one to try and start a meme, but if you’d like to list five things that are worthy of a public “thanks,” please go ahead!  Let me know in the comments below that you did so on your blog (or just list a few below).

1) I’m not in the desert this year.
2) good health for all five members of our household (plus Winnie the dog).
3) there’s not a stick in my eye.
4) the Crimson Tide has gone from #24 to #1 in football this season.
5) no matter how bad the economy is, folks will always sue insurance companies, so I’ll always have work.

And most of all, I’m grateful for moments like this one from earlier today at my inlaws’ house:

Happy Thanksgiving from Humor-Blogs!

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  1. What a very sweet post. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love the photo. 🙂

    Leeuna’s last blog post..Mister Clean Never Slept Here

  2. there’s loads of things I’m thankful for, too many to list them all. Today, i would say I’m thankful there are good people in the world. Kinda big and random, but, y’know. Happy thanksgiving!

    SSG’s last blog post..An Award! Look at me I got an Award! Yeehahahahaha!

  3. avatgardener

    I’m thankful for the wonderful hubby who changes light-bulbs, peels apples for pies, kisses me four times before bed, vacuums the ceiling fan, laughs at all my very bad puns and thanks me for each and every meal.
    I’m thankful for wonderful friends who don’t let me get away with sneaky stuff, remind me when I have food in my teeth, laugh at all of my bad jokes, tell me they love me, and like my hubby.
    I’m thankful for electricity and gas, so that I can cook an amazing meal in the comfort of my home, while DVRing Bones, House, Mentalist, Fringe, RedEye.
    I am thankful for the opportunity I was presented more than 35 years ago to serve my country. I spent 20 years in uniform, stateside, overseas, and on ships learning about me, other people in uniform and so many other cultures. I understand the meaning of sacrifice, I appreciate the feeling of service and I like getting that check each month just for breathing.
    I am thankful for the past. Founding fathers, struggles for freedom (from tyranny, taxation, slavery, oppression), down times, boom times, my ancestors from whom I sprang, and lessons we (in the broadest sense of the word we) have learned (hopefully to not repeat).
    Bonus thankfulness, leftovers!! (and this forum to remind myself how ever loving lucky I am to be here now. God bless you and your family, Muskrat.)

  4. avatgardener

    playing prosecutor-papa posts passionate positives, praise.
    pass the potatoes, please.

  5. what a great photo. cute little moment.

    carrie’s last blog post..thoughts are things

  6. Terrific post. And an expression of gratitude for serving our country! I’m glad you’re home with your family this year.

    Bennie’s last blog post..

  7. Have been following your blog for some time now, welcome to your new home … pain in the ass having to scroll down for an eternity to start the read … but then again its the only exercise I get … can you fix the ‘grey matter’ lol

  8. I’m grateful for the Beastie Boys.

    Great post, I’ve kind of got to remind myself on a daily basis to be grateful – otherwise things have a tendency to go to shit.

    Hope y’all had a great Turkey Day!

    A Free Man’s last blog post..Obie, did you think I was going to hang myself for littering?

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  10. What a sweet post, I love me some Beastie Boys. Adorable guitar picture.

    OHmommy’s last blog post..Investing in YOU

  11. Thanks, all, for your comments, kind words, and thankful declarations. And, I agree, it is a damned adorable picture…it’s just too bad it was taken via a cellphone, so the quality isn’t better!

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