another argument against hybridization

Here’s another post from my beloved neighborhood listserv.  Apparently, our neighborhood is being run by packs of stray, wild dogs, just like Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton, Jr. were kind enough to warn us about in a PSA. 



Early this morning my partner witnessed a pack of 6 wild dogs
‘hunting’ in our neighborhood. Similarly to wolves, the dogs
methodically cornered and killed a cat. He called animal control right
away, and they arrived within 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the dogs had
disappeared by the time animal control arrived.

Those with children-animals please be cautious!


When I get news like this, I’m very glad I am no longer into beastiality.  If I had any “children-animals” running around my home, I’d be VERY concerned about these wild beasts.  Luckily, I don’t…that I know of.  It’s been a good 12 to 15 months since I’ve latched onto the back of a German Shepherd and gone to town.

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  1. Freaky Weasel

    I bet that bitch was hot.

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