Growing up Travels

20 years later

Last weekend, I drove up to Nashville, Tennessee for my high school’s 20-year reunion, because I graduated in 1993, and it’s now 2013, and I’m told that means I’ve been out of high school for 20 years (but I’m still very young).  At my 10 year reunion, I’d just flown back from a 6-month trip to Iraq.  I stayed at my parents’ house, and lots of people asked about what I was doing and how the adventure in Iraq had gone.

This time, I stayed in a hotel (after meeting my parents at the South Pittsburg Wendy’s off I-24 to jettison 3 tiny children), and no one asked what I was doing or if I’ve been on any adventures, because I have 1705 Facebook friends (and my graduating class was only about 300 kids).

On the Friday night preceding the reunion, my friend Glenn hosted a Halloween party, so I got to put my lederhosen back on and enjoy some moonshine I still had left from the Lionel Richie concert a few weeks ago.

We rode with my friends Jody and Sally, and we arrived at the party about 1.5 hours after it began.

A couple friends dressed like their high school selves, which was especially well-received.