my “running with the bulls in pamplona” training video (+ interview)

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  1. Awesome video! I’m not sure if a Jock Strap would provide any kind of protection against a Bull attack but you may want to pick one up just in case. Even if only to have intact bits and pieces for your wake…

  2. I think you should practice your moves while drunk. I know you say you’re not going to party all night, but you want to be prepared just in case.

  3. Pretty Bride

    This just keeps getting funnier the more I watch it. Of course, if you come home with a giant hole through your middle, it won’t be so funny any more, so don’t do that.

  4. That was AWESOME.

  5. The narration and Rocky theme humming made this video classic. And it’s a good way to remember you before your bovine colonoscopy.

  6. It only lacked kids and vicious dogs in fake horns chasing you down the street. Good luck. And put in a good word for me with St. Peter.

  7. Great stuff. And if you can out run a woman in sandals carrying a camera with such ease, I figure a one ton bull shouldn’t be a problem.

  8. You should train with a jock cup worn backwards to protect the “hole”. I can’t imagine a more invasive, painful way to go than becoming a sphincter-ka-bob. God be with you… and your bum.

  9. what’s funny is about midway through i saw that little blood spot on your wrist and thought — hmmm, i wonder if he just did that.

    great stuff. your wife is very clever.

  10. Listen. I WANT to believe that rolling around in your driveway is suitable training for escaping a bovine colonoscopy in Pamplona. I’m just worries that it might not give you all of the skills you’ll need to survive.

    But I’m sure you’ll be fine.

    On an unrelated note, your wife is the best documentarian ever. I’m going to record her humming the Rocky theme and turn it into my ringtone.

  11. Do I need to come over with a Viking helmet and some beer? Seriously, I’ll be the stand-in bovine.

    Good luck, man. I’ll still hang with you even if you do have a colostomy bag after said goring.

    • Yes! I thought of that idea, but I couldn’t get the helmet to stick to the dog’s head. You’d be a better bovine anyway.
      And, I appreciate your deep and sincere friendship here.

  12. Will there be an open bar at the wake?

  13. “It’s adventure. It’s a big celebration.” I’ve heard you say that many times. It seldom ends well.

  14. I will be shocked if you don’t stay up drinking the night before, but you’re also the perkiest hungover dude I’ve ever met, so that’s OK.

    I love that your training involves running while looking over your shoulder.

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