an experiment

What I have is this:

But what I was going for is this:

But it ain’t happening.  At least, not on Day 16 of Movember.

But by day 30?  I’ll totally be there.

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  1. I think I grow that much in a day. It’s cute that you’re trying, though.

    • @avitable, Thanks for your support. Asshole.

    • @Adam The jaunty fair complexion of the Muskrat means he’ll maintain a youthful look when so many of us resemble a post-Watergate Richard Nixon. Or, in my case, Burl Ives.

      @the ‘Scrat. The moustache looks great, and is very becoming. You need a goatee to go with it, though. Or at least a soul patch. You’d look very Michael York as D’Atragnan.

  2. That Muskrat is so hot right now.

  3. It’s shocking the level of effort those dudes went to for their mustaches back in the day. Shocking.

  4. There goes my plan for surprise muttonchops.

  5. That’s gonna look awesome in a couple months!

  6. I am impressed! Looks good!

  7. I highly recommend not moving into your new neighborhood until December.

  8. Marker and silly string. Get the appropriate colors and give them to the kids and they’ll set out up. It will look perfect.

  9. I give you marks for effort!

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