wordless wednesday: major maddie’s war face


If that isn’t frightening, I don’t know what is:  officers are getting promoted too quickly, and PTSD is rampant.

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17 responses to “wordless wednesday: major maddie’s war face”

  1. The kid needs love beads.

    And yes, you made the cut. 😉

    prefers her fantasy life’s last blog post..Meg’s Top Ten Bloggy Crushes


  2. avatgardener says:

    great grimace, girl. go get’em!!


    tot tries testosterone togs.


    junior juts jaw.

    (always go with the first instinct, it was the best.)


  3. does she need a laxative?? poor kid..

    lol, what a cute kid. if that face doesn’t melt her daddy’s heart, I don’t know what would.. 😉

    ChurchPunkMom’s last blog post..10×10 Things Tuesday.. My 100th Post!


  4. Pretty Bride says:

    Angry Baby!


  5. Lidian says:

    You had better just do whatever she tells you to do!
    What a great picture.

    Lidian’s last blog post..Delsey Morning


  6. Jormengund says:

    Seriously, she kind of looks like the last CO I had before I left Boot Camp…

    Great photo!

    Jormengund’s last blog post..Irritability has got NOTHING on me.


  7. Muskrat says:

    PrefersFantasyLife, Awesome! All you other peeps should read her post in which she gives me props!

    AvatG, They’re all good. She’s scary.

    ChurchPunkMom, No, she doesn’t.

    PB, I think she was angry at you for leaving her alone with me and my camera.

    Lidian, Thanks, and I usually do.

    Jormengund, That’s scary!


  8. SciFi Dad says:


    SciFi Dad’s last blog post..Sleeping With Music


  9. Kirsten says:

    So cute!!! I love it!

    Kirsten’s last blog post..It Wasn’t a Total Blackout


  10. Oooh, cute and tough. She’s set for life and you are screwed…

    What a doll! 🙂

    Brenda-SeriouslyMama’s last blog post..Just slap me.


  11. Muskrat says:

    SciFiDad, I hope she waits another 5 years, at least, before addressing me as “maggot.” We’ll see.

    Kirsten, She is. Most of the time.

    Brenda, You’re probably right.


  12. Hoo-rah, that one’s hardcore alright.

    Rickey Henderson’s last blog post..Introducing Your Next Surgeon General…


  13. I’m so scared I just pooped my pants.

    Catherinette Singleton’s last blog post..This Makes Me Want to Key Your Car


  14. Petra says:

    Love the face, she’s a cutie. I found you through your making it on the Bloggy Crush list over at Meg’s blog and thought I would pop over and see what all the fuss was about.

    Now I know!


  15. SinisterDan says:

    I couldn’t find a decent hat for my daughter, but we did manage to scrape up an AK47.

    Now she gets to make whatever face she wants.

    Much cuteness, btw.

    SinisterDan’s last blog post..Of Tyrants and Boobies.


  16. A Free Man says:

    So because their is no ozone layer above Australia, sun protection is a bit of an obsession. When I saw this photo I didn’t think “cute kid” (though she is) or “ha ha, how funny” (though it is), but “where the hell can I get a hat like that?”. Beyond joining the military, I mean.

    A Free Man’s last blog post..And all the fallen leaves filling up shopping bags


  17. muskrat says:

    Rickey, I hope you’re wrong.

    Catherinette, A familiar reaction in our house these days.

    Petra, Thanks for visiting! Come again sometime.

    SinisterDan, LMAO! Glad to hear AKs are available in Canada.

    FreeMan, You should totally go to an Army surplus store. If there aren’t any in Australia, I’ll be glad to send you one from here if you provide the size.


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