great. now i’m one of those white trash parents we’ve read about.

As anyone who stands to pee knows, the #1-ranked team in the country, where I was a third-generation graduate, played an important game Saturday against another ranked opponent that determined the SEC West.  I had a few friends over to watch.  We weren’t paying attention to the toddler.  Apparently, she meandered over to the recycling can, picked up a discarded bottle, and went to town.  And someone took a picture with her cellphone.


I know placing a bottle in front of your kid and taking a picture is clichéd and not really all that funny.  But this one wasn’t staged, which, I think, makes it both better and worse.

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  1. You should be flogged, not for allowing such a thing but for the beverage choice. I mean come on, Bud Light = Shit.

  2. PRDad, I agree…my old man actually brought the beer. I like Sweetwater 420, so I can keep it local (and real).

  3. AMEN! PRD, you beat me to the punch.

    Get some real beer, dude.. you’ll look a lot less white trash-ish. 😉

  4. Great game…..methinks the Gator game will be tough.

  5. I hate to say it…But I was rooting for Alabama to lose! Ahh. I want my Long Horns to rise back to Numero Uno! ….Just please God not Tech.

  6. JaysonCole, I hate to say this, but you’re going to burn in hell.

    Matt, They will be tough. But so is football, so no worries.

    ChurchPunkMom, Y’all are a couple of damned elitists. Let it never again be said that lawyers are elitist. Clearly, I’m out elited here.

  7. lol… lawyer calling the punks elitists… HA!

    i suppose it does make sense considering we’re talking booze…

  8. Good grief, look out for your mother-in-law!

  9. It would be funnier if it was the new baby. Yeah, I’m white trashy like that. Shaddup.

  10. Proud parent posts picture of petite princess poaching precious potion.

  11. AvatG, Not sure about “precious,” but a funny alliteration nonetheless.

    Countessa, He can’t even crawl! You’re a sick, sick person.

    Harlin, Luckily, she doesn’t read this blog.

  12. how about powerful potion?
    potent potable?
    patented pre-piss? (some of your readers don’t like the label on the bottle.)
    (different label?) Pabst.
    plain pilsner?
    pretend perrier? (to her it may have been)
    that’s enough. I was thinking of more but they were really sick, even disgusting me!!

  13. the child will need therapy. pooping in the yard and drinking left-over backwash.
    Unless of course, instead of drinking she was blowing over the top of the bottle to make that whistle sound??? If that is the case, you have other problems to worry about. See? I told you my ideas were sick!!

  14. i should not be left alone in here.

  15. I had typed that and submitted. your server told me i was commenting too fast, slow down. Sheesh. what nerve!!

  16. The worst thing is that it’s Bud Light. IU mean if you’re going to raise a alky toddler at least give her the good stuff.

    Nice win for you guys. I’m now a Bama fan by default because y’all are about the only thing between Urban Meyer and another fuckin’ NCAA championship.

  17. Pretty Bride

    I’ve spoken to my mother, and she sides with the folks who call for better beer.

  18. See, I was thinking the WORST thing was that the baby was drinking not so bad..germy backwash? panic.

    Also, is there some fine print bylaw that states every blogger must be an alcohol snob? When did I enter an episode of Frasier?

    Who gives a shit! Lets get hammered..on a Tuesday morning..8:21 am..

  19. Here’s a trick you can play. Hangout in front of a police precinct with your daughter, give her an IBC Root Beer and tell her to stumble around.

    The IBC bottle looks just like a beer bottle. Our campus police back in the day never really thought it was funny when we’d pull it to them. Humorless pigs.

  20. Again, the apple doesn’t fall very far… “So let’s raise our glass against evil forces, sayin’ whiskey for my men.., beer for my toddler!”

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