go to hell david simon (aka, more travels in the dairy state)

I have to confess a prejudice:  for the last 20 years, I’ve been harboring a resentment for Wisconsin, because of a kid named David Simon; he was the guy Julie Scott broke up with me to “go with” a few weeks after the conclusion of the 6th grade.  David frequently wore University of Wisconsin sweatshirts with little pictures of walking badgers or fighting badgers on them.  Because I have had to live with the embarrassment of having had my little brother see me cry after getting off the phone with Julie that day in June 1987, I have hated David Simon and all he stood for ever since.  Now that that’s out of the way…

Yesterday’s presentation went great.  Afterward, I began the two-hour trek through farmlands and foliage to Madison.  I enjoyed finding sub-$3 gas and the terrestrial radio Wisconsin has to offer.  I switched to XM four years ago to escape the suckdom that is Atlanta terrestrial radio.  So, a nice change here.

Checked into my hotel and went out to the Great Dane brewpub.  Cuddled up with the Octoberfest; watched FSU win; observed the happy hour professional crowd turn into the college student “the weekend starts on Thursday night” crowd.  Twittered a lot.  Made friends with couple biking to Chicago together.  Ate cheese.

Left for the Majestic, where I saw Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers. They were outstanding.

Got to chat with them briefly after the show, as I was the only person still in the balcony when they came from backstage to the front of the venue, via the balcony, to wait for the throngs to que up for pictures and autographs.  Sometimes being lazy and anti-social is beneficial.

Found a badger, meaning I completed my three objectives for this trip:

Oh yeah, I finally saw a couple black people!  They were at my hotel, and I told them I’ve very glad to see that they are thriving and happy here in Madison.  I also told them that if they are EVER mistreated in any way to feel free to come to Atlanta with me.  I found this, which convinced me that, perhaps, the state is not a bunch of racists:

I suddenly felt infinitely better about paying sales and hotel taxes.
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  1. Pretty Bride

    Julie Scott is a whore.

  2. Yes, I lurk on your blog. I feel sure that I went to school with you, but I do not remember Julie Scott or David Simon. Have I really repressed that much?

  3. I suppose now is as good a time as ever to tell you that not long after witnessing your reaction to Julie’s phone call, I located her and administered a Code Red (removed the bitch’s scornful tongue). And it worked too, because she hasn’t said anything hurtful to anyone since. You’re welcome.

  4. After reading the comments from Pretty Bride and Brother, I’ve forgotten what I was going to say. Too funny, but you’ve got family support, that’s for sure!

    Personally I thought the story about Julie was the best part of the post.

  5. PB, again, no words.

    Gin, So, is this Ginger? You lurk on my blog? Shameful! I thought we were friends back in the day.

    Brother, Thanks…I didn’t realize you were quite that violent.

    Bill, I’m blessed to be surrounded by crazy, but amusing, people.

  6. At least FSU won!

  7. Now look, see, wearing that tie and cellphone shot, no one would ever know your in a ‘nanner mobile. So, take your Lexapro and get on with it!

  8. NoleFan99, True dat. They looked good.

    Harlin, That was the goal.

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